Innovative Practices


Innovative practices are those which add value to human life and support main cause of an institution. It helps in development of an institution-a source/ means to perform social responsibility. It can change the life of whole institution as well as individual stake holders. Our college undertakes different types of best practices as per the institutional environment, try to bring about innovations and new ideas. Innovative practices reflect the credibility and cheerful life of a college. These practices are able to instill the scientific approach to issues or problems of society. Innovative practices are the agents of change for a particular educational institution and society as well.

Environment Consciousness

  • The institution has a system for green-auditing of its facilities which is carried out informally by the Green Club. 
  • The use of plastic bags is avoided in the campus and the authority is planning to declare the entire campus as “No Plastic Zone”.  Students and staff are motivated to use jute bags or cotton bags
  • The students and staff have planted several tree saplings during various tree plantation programmes organized by the institution through the Green Club and the NSS units.
  • Care is taken to ensure that the college environment has low levels of carbon emission and low pollution levels so that the campus is healthy for all.

Water harvesting

Rain Water harvesting project has been implemented in the college through water harvesting pits. The water thus harvested is being used for watering the plants and gardens.

Efforts for Carbon neutrality 

Plantation of trees and green grass in the college.  Potted plants dot the corridors of the college with more than 150 different samples.  The College has made arrangements for the parking of the vehicles of the students and staff near the entrance. This helps in keeping the campus as much clean as possible. The campus is also smoke free. The dead leaves and waste papers are not allowed to be put on fire. The dead leaves and waste papers are decomposed to form compost which in turn is used for maintenance of Kitchen Garden.


  • Tree plantation drives are organized regularly to create clean and green campus.
  • The Green club of the college take up planting saplings regularly.
  • The Botany department of the college maintains a Botanical Garden which houses a large variety of medicinal plants and wide variety of plant species.
  • The department of Botany has distributed about 1000 plant saplings to students and faculty
  • Planting of tree saplings by chief guests during their visits to the college for various functions.